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Our Story

A Licensed Professionals Here to Guide You

We formed Bay Area Therapy Group as an alternative to the online therapy companies that make clients into a number. We provide personalized services, allowing you to be scheduled by a human, to have the ability to communicate with your therapists. To have access to your chart when you request it. We offer multiple modalities, with therapists that specialize in them. This allows us to cross refer within the company, and if you are seeing a narrative therapist, to do some sessions with an EMDR, Brain spotting or Neurofeedback therapist. The ability for you to have a team at your disposal provides the opportunity for healing to occur, sometimes more rapidly.

The advantage of a smaller more intimate group is that we are dedicated to you as the client getting better. We are not dedicated to one therapist treating you. If you work  John, the founder, and find him to be too straightforward and find you need a softer gentler approach, you can be transferred to another clinician within the same practice who might meet those needs. And if you need something later on that is John specialty, he can step in for a couple of sessions to help resolve that issue while you continue to get the support of your primary therapist.

While our clients are our priority, our staff is also a priority of the company. We believe that by offering competitive pay to our clinicians, along with an excellent benefit package, we can retain and make happy our therapists. We offer profit sharing to work towards income equality.

We are dedicated to supporting all communities and look forward to supporting you in your journey forward.

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